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Our aim is to be as eco friendly and sustainable as possible. We do this by remaining small and independent so as not to compromise our values.

Our kitchens are powered by 100% green electricity by Ecotricity, the UK's only vegan energy provider.

Our portion packaging is plastic free and home compostable made from eucalyptus and cassava starch.

We use organic ingredients where possible and organic soya beans sourced in Europe and not contributing to deforestation in southern America.

We work with other UK companies and local businesses where possible to lower air miles for ingredients and choose to sell our products in organic, vegan and refill zero waste shops.

We have a small team and pay a London Living wage.

Thank you for supporting ethical, small businesses.

Cow and Her Calf

Why Vegan?

Becoming Vegan is the single most impactful thing you can do to help the planet and save beautiful animals from unnecessary pain and death.

Vegan for the planet

Every second a football field size of rainforest is destroyed to make space for animal agriculture.

Aerial View of Deforestation
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