Baby Blue

Our signature long aged blue cheese is creamy and firm with a good blue flavour reminiscent of a traditional stilton.

Made with quality ingredients without binders, flours or preservatives this cheese uses traditional ageing methods and vegan blue cultures.

Ingredients: Activated cashew nuts, organic coconut oil, coconut milk, vegan cultures, filtered water, salt.

Big Burrata Style

Ingredients: Fermented organic soya beans, activated cashew nuts, maize, agar agar, bifidus and acidophilus, olive oil, salt, vegan cultures, natural flavours.

This creamy mozzarella style cheese has a creamy, oozing centre and works perfectly on traditional Italian salads or torn up over freshly cooked pizza or pasta.

Smoke House

Ingredients: Organic soya milk, organic coconut oil, kappa carrageenan, yeast extract, nutritional yeast, onion powder, maize, tapioca, salt, sweet paprika.

This nut free cheese is firm yet creamy and reminiscent of a traditional Bavarian style smoked cheese, we smoke this over real apple wood chips and dust the finished cheese in sweet paprika. Made with organic soya milk this cheese melts well and makes a fabulous Welsh rarebit or lasagna topping.

Betta Feta

Ingredients: Fermented organic soya beans, organic coconut oil, calcium sulphate, Prosecco wine (sulphites), onion powder, lemon juice, salt, wild oregano, dill and rose petals.

This is one of our most popular cheeses, made with slow fermented organic soya beans this Greek style cheese is flavoured with bubbly Prosecco, sharp lemon juice and mountain herbs. It's decorated with a flourish of pink rose petals that not only look pretty but complement the floral notes in the wine. Perfect on traditional Greek salads, in wraps and in filo pastry cigars (see our recipe page).

You Say Tomayto

Ingredients: Activated cashew nuts, Organic coconut oil, coconut milk, shiro miso (soya), onion powder, mustard, garlic, roast tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, vegan cultures, dehydrated tomato, black pepper, salt, natural flavourings.

This is one of our favourite and most inventive cheeses, a creamy cashew and coconut base compliment the sharp notes of roasted tomatoes and umami depth from sun dried tomatoes. This cheese is aged using vegan cultures to develop texture and flavour. Dusted with dehydrated tomato powder for an extra boost of flavour this cheese is great as part of a vegan cheeseboard, melted over pasta or just eaten straight from the packet.

Bombay Banger

Our most adventurous cheese with layers of flavour, sharp notes from sour mango, creamy cashew base and gentle, warming spices with a little hit of chilli.

Bombay Banger is amazing as part of a vegan cheese board and makes a fantastic canapé on mini popadoms with mango chutney or our own carrot and cardamom chutney. It pairs brilliantly with beer as a snack too.

Ingredients: Activated cashew nuts, organic coconut oil, coconut milk, thermophilic cultures, dried mustard, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, mace, coriander seeds, yellow mustard seeds, cumin, turmeric, Aleppo chilli flakes, salt, sour mango powder. 

Hello Me!

Product coming soon...

Work is ongoing to get this recipe just right and shop ready but we are very close, so far we have a vegan cheese similar to a very popular Cypriot salad cheese that you've all been asking for, grills and fry well with a crispy outer and creamy inner that becomes chewier as it cools. 

This cheese will be for cooking and will be great in wraps, mediterranean salads and as part of a vegan BBQ.

Watch this space...

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