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Goat-ee Stuffed Courgette Flower Tempura

This is one of there most delicious ways to enjoy our earthy Goat-ee, flavoured with Sauvignon Blanc and Organic nettles, this Goat style vegan cheese becomes oozing and molten insides these beautiful crispy tempura courgette flowers. A summer treat to wow your dinner guests.

Easy recipe: Make up a tempura batter with 70g corn flour, 30g plain flour, pinch of salt and 80ml soda water, whisk just before you're about to use it.

1 80g pack of our Goat-ee vegan cheese, mashed in a bowl and then put into a sandwich bag, snip one corner to make an quick piping bag.

8 courgette flowers.

Pipe the Goat-ee into the flowers and refrigerate for 10-15 minutes.

Bring a litre of sunflower oil to a high heat, the oil is ready when a piece of bread browns fairly quickly on the surface but don't overheat the oil of the flowers will burn.

Dip the cool, stuffed courgette flowers into the hot oil and cook until crispy, about 60 seconds, drain on kitchen towel and serve immediately with a chilli dipping oil.


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